Walrus Engineering fabricate Exhaust and intake system, turbo plumbing, chassis, BAJA, SUPRA, Go-Kart, customised performance parts, automotive Dyno  and other automotive research equipment for educational and industrial application. We do provide solutions for fabricating custom parts in automotive sector. We are equipped with designing skill, Welding skill, laser cutting, machining operations to meet the need of the customer's customized application.

Aftermarket Suspension kits

We do retail services and installation for various brands of Suspension kit to improve performance in your car. It makes immediate response, reduced body roll, increased stability and enhanced cornering ability. And also the look that comes with those characteristics-a lower, more muscular, more athletic stance.

Custom Stainless steel Exhaust System

Custom built performance exhaust system in stainless steel are fabricate to improve power and acoustics for your cars. Products we built in exhaust system are Headers, Cat-back exhaust and Turbo  Down-Pipe. Recommended only for motorsport application.

Service & Diagnostics

We do the following services for all brands of cars by our team expertise.

  1. Periodic Automotive Maintenance
  2. Engine Overhaul and builds
  3. Clutch Replacement
  4. Automotive Electrical and Electronics
  5. Suspension Replacement
  6. Brake Replacement
  7. OBD II Tools diagnostics
  8. Transmission Repair
  9. Turbocharger Overhaul
  10. Steering Replacement

Car Body shop

What we provide in our car body workshop

  1. Accidental Dent repair
  2. Full body/car panel Painting work
  3. Car Body restoration
  4. Car Polishing
  5. Detailing
  6. Paint protection film
  7. Ceramic coating

Electronic Exhaust Cut - Out

Exhaust cutouts are the perfect exhaust product to use when you have to drive to the track quietly. Electric cutouts are cooler because you can flip a switch to open your exhaust. No more crawling under your car to go racing !!!

Benefits :

- Can offer a specific engine sound.

- Can be a lighter set-up than the stock exhaust.

- Can offer more power than the factory stock exhaust.

- Decibels of sound are infinitely adjustable.

Performance Air Filter & Cold Air- Intake system

It can improve your car's overall precision and efficiency

1. Better gas mileage
Upgrading your cold air intake system can help make your vehicle more fuel efficient by letting air flow more freely through your engine.
Standard air intake systems are designed to minimise engine noise so cars are whisper quiet, not necessarily fuel efficiency. A cold air intake draws air from the car’s underside and alters the air-to- fuel ratio, which requires less fuel to power the car.
2. Reusable filter does a better job.
3. More power
In addition to improving your engine filtration and fuel mileage, upgrading your car's cold air intake system can give you more power, up to 20 percent, as cool air pulls more oxygen to the combustion. Your engine will perform better, and your car will accelerate more efficiently 


Valve-Tronic Exhaust

Features of Valve-Tronic exhaust has Remote control module to open and close the valves as desired.
Control Module is included with all our systems, simply control by remote to set open and close modes.
CLOSE mode It helps the induction of car exhaust back-pressure and increases torque at low rpm.
OPEN mode A free flow exhaust can bring Acoustics and increase more horsepower at high rpm. 

Performance Brakes kits

We do retail services and installation for various brands of Brakes kit to improve performance in your car. Upgrading your brake pads to a performance formulation has a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit is that performance pads resist fade much, much better than stock brakes. You'll get better performance at the track, as performance pads tend to stick better once they get hot.